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Why Should I Care About a West Nile Positive Mosquito?

Why should I care about a West Nile Positive Mosquito? West Nile Virus can make some people very sick. West Nile is a virus that is in our environment all the time. In summer, there is an increased chance that a mosquito could bite an animal with West Nile first and then bite a human.…

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Dangerous Tick-Borne Disease Spreads To MA, CDC Warns

Massachusetts has seen more cases of this rare, potentially deadly tick-borne infection than all but three other states. A rare, potentially deadly tick-borne disease has infected people in Massachusetts. And health officials say it could be worse than Lyme disease. The same tick that carries Lyme disease has caused Powassan, otherwise known as POW. It…

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What Makes Tiger Mosquito Moms Special?

Tiger Mosquito* Moms A female mosquito hatches from an egg which has been laid in water by a mother mosquito. Sometimes, a female mosquito is born from a single egg placed strategically by the mother to provide a safe place to hatch. She will breathe air from a tube on her tail and feed on…

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Five Factors that Affect Cool Season Turf Grass Growth

Day length – Grass absorbs sunlight and carbon dioxide through its leaves to produce sugar and oxygen, a process called photosynthesis, which you may remember from science class. Grass will grow more as the sun’s rays become stronger and the days become longer. Temperature – Soil temperature plays a major role in the growth of grass.…

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How To Protect Our Disappearing Bumble Bees

Although the weather may not be a strong indicator, it is officially spring! As we begin to spend more time outdoors, there will be a noticeable difference from past spring seasons. The rusty-patched bumblebee has been declared as the first bumblebee requiring protection under the Endangered Species Act. Check out this article in the Scientific…

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