Grub Control

Grubs can do serious damage to a lawn, sometimes requiring total reconstruction to eliminate the pest problem and its effects. The best way to avoid grub damage is through prevention; by following proper cultural practices, keeping the lawn healthy, and using a grub and insect control product, you create an inhospitable environment in which grubs cannot thrive.

We use an Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)-approved biopesticide called Grandevo® PTO to control grubs. Unlike traditional insecticides, Grandevo is applied during the time that grubs and other insects are feeding; that way, it is ingested immediately. Grandevo won't runoff into groundwater, as it is active in the soil for only 14 days.  Lastly, Grandevo also won’t harm beneficial insects like honeybees.

Grandevo PTO has many benefits:

  • Premium spray program for the environmentally-minded.
  • No “chemical” smell
  • Low risk of insects developing resistance to the product
  • No harm to beneficial insects or honey bees.
  • OMRI-approved

Organic grub and insect control is included in our Platinum Fertilizer Program and is a great addition to our Gold Fertilizer Program.

How do I know if I have grubs in my lawn?

Grubs are active during two different times of year, spring and the summer/early fall. You will notice areas of your lawn that were once green are now brown. You will also notice increased animal activity in your lawn, especially skunks. Skunks will dig seeking out grubs and do serious damage to your lawn while foraging for them.

How do I know if I need grub control?

If you have seen grubs in your lawn before and have had grub damage then you should have us treat your lawn.

Grandevo® is a registered trademark of Marrone Bio Innovations.