Harvesting Rainwater

In our years of business, we have strived to incorporate procedures to limit our environmental footprint. Did you know that Velvet Green used approximately 41,000 gallons of collected rainwater during the 2021 growing season? At Velvet Green we utilize water to apply fertilizer to lawns, treat for mosquitoes and ticks, and protect and feed ornamental plants. In 2021, 100% of water used in our programs and services was collected rainwater.

In 2020 Velvet Green purchased a 12 foot tall 5,000 gallon water tank. The tank collects rainwater from a downspout on the warehouse adjacent to our shop area. The water is clean and free of contaminants. We regularly circulate the water to reduce the buildup of any algae. Rainwater harvesting not only reduces the demand on our local existing water supply, but also reduces potential contamination that is carried to stormwater runoff.

There are many benefits to harvesting rainwater:

  • In 2021 Velvet Green applied products to approximately 21 million square feet
    • All the products applied utilize water as a carrying agent all of which was rainwater in 2021
  • Utilizing rainwater to apply fertilizer reduces the consumption of potable drinking water leaving more for residential use.
  • Reduces stress on water systems, especially during drought.
  • Rainwater is an excellent source for plants, including lawns. Rainwater has no chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine.
  • Using rainwater reduces the amount of water a municipality has to treat and then pump to your home or business. Treatment and pumping of treated water require a lot of energy.

We take pride in and are committed to limiting our environmental impact in the coming seasons here at Velvet Green.