Repair your lawn after the hot dry summer with Aeration, overseeding, and compost topdressing.

Benefits of Velvet Green’s aeration, overseeding, and compost topdressing:

  • Dramatically improves the health of the lawn
  • Fills in bare spots in the lawn
  • Introduces new grass species that are more drought and stress tolerant
  • Improves air exchange between the soil and atmosphere
  • Enhances soil water uptake
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Enhances heat and drought stress tolerance
  • Builds a stronger turfgrass root system
  • Introduces organic material
  • Increases microorganism activity in the soil
  • Builds dense turf grass that blocks out weeds

For many years, professional golf course greens keepers have known that the secret to a beautiful, dense turf is to aerate their course two or three times each year to allow the healthy grassroots to thrive. Aerating and overseeding in the second half of the lawn care season is the one supplemental service that will by far have the biggest impact on your lawn.

Aeration is the process of removing cores of soil from the lawn that allow for improved exchange of gasses between the soil and the atmosphere, improved water infiltration, improved rooting, decreased soil bulk density and a site for germination of seed. Aeration is performed during the fall months of the year, after the heat and humidity of summer have broken.

Overseeding is highly recommended at the time of aeration. Introducing new, improved cultivars of turfgrasses that are vigorous and competitive helps keep the lawn thick and healthy. It’s survival of the fittest out there and constantly renewing the lawn through overseeding is the very best and most highly recommended step you can take to taking a so-so lawn and transforming it into a truly great lawn.

There is no arguing the fact that a thick healthy lawn is the absolute best defense against weeds and crabgrass.  If you have thin or bare areas in your lawn, aeration and over seeding is an absolute must.