Mosquito Control Expert Joins Velvet Green Organic Lawn Care

Mary Duggan and Jeff Dodge

(Wakefield, MA) – Mary Duggan, former Northeast Massachusetts District Executive Director of the Mosquito Control & Wetland Management for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has joined the environment and pet/human-friendly mosquito control company recently acquired by Jeff’s Landscape, Inc. and Velvet Green Organic Lawn Care of Wakefield. Duggan will bring her environmental and customer service expertise to Velvet Green Organic Lawn Care’s safe mosquito removal division as its Environmental Science Consultant.

According to Company president Jeff Dodge, he is excited about the partnership, given Duggan’s extensive experience and her background in environmental studies, mosquito control, and consultation.

“Mary’s knowledge of the subject is so vast and her dedication runs deep,” Dodge said. “She will be a wonderful resource for both the company and our customers,” he said.

As Executive Director of the 30-community Mosquito Control & Wetland Management District, Duggan was responsible for managing a $1.8 million budget and a 10-person team. Her responsibilities included mosquito vector monitoring and control in the summer months, while her focus in winter was concentrated on wetland and lowland water projects.

According to Dodge, Duggan’s association with Velvet Green Organic Lawn Care and its safe mosquito removal division fits in with the company’s integrated approach to landscaping and lawn care using environmentally friendly products and services. Duggan echoed his sentiments, noting that the addition of safe mosquito removal is a great benefit for Jeff’s current and future customers.

“I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity to educate the customers and communities serviced by the family of Jeff Landscaping companies about the biological and environmental factors that contribute to ensuring that Jeff’s integrated pest management is a safe and cost efficient treatment,” said Duggan.

Duggan received her BS in Agriculture from Perdue University and her MA in Communication Management from Emerson College. She is currently working on her PhD in Environmental Studies from Antioch New England Graduate School.

“A person’s house is their castle and their land is their environment,” Duggan added. “It is crucial to equip residents with the proper information about how they are caring for their property. I look forward to bringing current and relevant experience to ensure that residents are informed about their organic care decisions, and satisfied with those decisions, too.”

For more information about Velvet Green Organic Lawn Care and its safe mosquito removal services, contact Jeff Dodge at 781-983-1200.

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