Slice Seeding

Slice seeding (also called slit seeding) is one of the most effective processes to seed a lawn. It’s done using a machine called a slice seeder that places the grass seed exactly where it needs to be, in the soil. The machine is about the same size as a standard lawn mower and has spinning knives on the bottom that cut furrows in the soil. The machine then applies grass seed from a hopper into the furrows using spinning wheels. This creates optimum seed to soil contact, a crucial element for high germination rates of grass seed. High germination rates create better results and will build turf density with less wasted seed. After slice seeding it’s very important to water to see the best results.

Why should I slice seed my lawn?

A thick turf canopy is crucial to preventing weeds organically. It also makes for a beautiful lawn. By slice seeding we are building that thick canopy and introducing new seed varieties that are tolerant to drought and other stresses. This will reduce weed populations for the season and help to eliminate the need for herbicides to control weeds.

When do you slice seed?

At Velvet Green, we slice seed in the early spring and occasionally in the fall with aeration. The early spring generally has ample rain and optimal air and soil temperatures for seed germination. This will help to build turf density and prevent weed growth during the summer months.

How will you treat for crabgrass without injuring the grass seed?

We treat for crabgrass later in the spring after the grass seed has germinated and we use a product that won’t harm the new seedlings.

What can I expect after slice seeding?

Your lawn will look damaged because we have disrupted the soil and the existing lawn. This damage won’t last long, about a week to ten days, and the existing lawn will recover quickly. You will then begin to see the results of the seeding and have a thick healthy lawn for the season.

What is the difference between slice seeding and overseeding?

Generally, overseeding simply applies grass seed over the surface of the lawn. Because this doesn’t always create good seed to soil contact, much of the grass seed applied won’t germinate, wasting grass seed. Slice seeding will place the seed exactly where it needs to be, in the soil. Remember, at Velvet Green, we technically “under-seed” your lawn as part of our aeration-overseeding-topdressing service package. Slice seeding works in a similar way to our “under-seeding” but works with your existing soil rather than adding another layer of compost.