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Black Earth Compost Partnership

Velvet Green Organic Lawn Care has some exciting news for anyone looking to limit their impact on the environment. They have recently partnered with Black Earth Compost to help make organic lawn care more readily available. Current Black Earth customers who join up with Velvet Green will receive benefits such as a Free Soil Test when they sign up for one full program. Velvet Green will also utilize compost made by Black Earth in some of their services such as Aeration, Over-seeding, and Topdressing. The Velvet Green Team is excited to partner up with the like-minded folks over at Black Earth and hope that many of you will join in to help reduce the footprint we all leave on the earth!

Who is Black Earth Compost?
Black Earth Compost is a company based out of Gloucester MA with the goal of collecting food scraps from residents, schools, supermarkets, colleges, and more. They then turn those scraps into compost which they deliver back to their customers and sell to garden centers. Since the Velvet Green Team are all about going green it seemed like such a natural fit to partner up.

Who is Velvet Green?
Velvet Green is focused on providing clients with a healthy, green, sustainable lawn by using organic-based fertilizers and micro-organisms to create structure in the soil for lawns to grow. They are committed to limiting the impact on the environment, which is why the choice to go organic is so important. Another benefit to Velvet Green organic lawn care programs is knowing that the products we use present a lower health risk for your family and pets.

Velvet Green Organic Lawn Care
Black Earth Compost

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